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11/13 BT Sports Radio – RomObamanomics with a touch of sports

11/13 BT Sports Radio – RomObamanomics with a touch of sports

Nov 13, 2012

In this post election episode of BT Sports Radio, SportsYack is still sitting in a drugged up state of depression after his boy Romney lost to the President. However, like every Tuesday Yack must continue on with his cohosts Jabby and Rich to give another entertaining show.

The show kicks off talking about the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles with mini hot stove talk. Bryce Harper wins the NL ROY award yesterday and Davey Johnson win’s Manager of the year. Unfortunatly Buck Showalter was unable to get the AL Manager of the year award so the guys giver their opinion on that. Also, they take some good ribbings on the LA Lakers and their coaching situation.

Major fan of the show Frannie @FollowFrannie came on the show to talk about the Port Paradise Music Festival that’s this Saturday at 5pm at Mother’s Grill. All the details can be heard on the show and also the Facebook page. 

Super Producer Thom is stepping away from the show to take another activity off his place as the captain of Eyes Radio. Listen to what everyone had to say and what will happen next with the direction of the show.

Yack does his NFL roundup and both he and Rich go back and forth as they always do especially with which teams will make the playoffs. Also the debate begins on what will happen within the NFC East. Another week, another heated debate on who will be the MVP of the NFL.

Have you been placing bets on the FREE weekly winners? Again so many options from the three for you to take a look at. We just want you to be happy with your millions. Is that bad?

Jabby’s nuggets include a recap of what everyone said before the NFL season. Take a listen to who said which teams were going to make the playoffs and are no where close to that. Plus what is everyone’s thought’s on Josh Hamilton possibly going to the Orioles. With a little college football and some basketball to satisfy your craving to close this segment out.

Rich’s Whatca know about segment again highlights the stupidity of people in America. Guy doesn’t vote and gets run over, man tattoo’s the Romney symbol into his face , a man flashes his breasts in public, and so much more. A segment that all of the world can’t wait for.

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