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12/17 Run TMC Sports – You Talking Playoffs? Playoffs? HAIL yea!

12/17 Run TMC Sports – You Talking Playoffs? Playoffs? HAIL yea!

Dec 17, 2012

Holiday cheer is ALL around for the final Run TMC Sports of 2012 with TCB, Mook, and MC with the lovely Katie @hailftR from Hail From the Redhead to ring out the first year of the show. Let me tell you, this will be a show for the record books especially at the end. Here’s what you can expect to hear:

  • We open the show with a discussion on who brought what for the holiday show. TCB seemed to be the only one who understood that it meant bringing beer and snacks. Of course the situation with Rob Parker came up and Mook and MC had their discussion on what he said about Redskins QB RG3. Katie came in and she brought beer and chocolate. 
  • Redskins RB Evan Royster comes on the show to talk about the Redskins winning streak, his involvement in the offense, the difference between RG3 and Kirk Cousins, and how he relaxes on his love sac.
  • The entire cast talks about the good, bad, and ugly of the Redskins vs Browns game. Ok, there wasn’t really any ugly but talk surrounded about the emotions of redskins fans at the start and then about how Cousins showed he could lead a team to victory.
  • Rich Tandler @rich_TandlerCSN comes on live from Redskins Park for his final Tandler’s Take of 2012 to talk about PED’s, injuries, the effect of an RG3less Redskins, and more. Make sure you follow his work on realredskins.com
  • We dive in around some of the games in the NFL especially those that could impact the Redskins postseason hopes
  • And then the segment of the year. The BEST of the worst in holiday gifts people have given or gotten. Without a doubt, the funniest segment ever done on Run TMC Sports. You have got to hear what we talked about and what our listeners told us. Save this for BEST of!

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  1. Redskins decided during bye week not to lose anymore - [...] really think it’s just the leaders on this team,” Royster told Run TMC Sports. “I think Robert and London …
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