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12/18 BT Sports Radio – The Holiday Show: Just “Listen”

12/18 BT Sports Radio – The Holiday Show: Just “Listen”

Dec 19, 2012

The guys open the show with recounting Sports Yack Mikes trip to the mistake by the polluted lake to watch the Burgundy and Gold take care of business in the Dog Pound. After “scooping” the local news anchors that RG3 was not going to play on Twitter, Mike took to some watering holes and recounted what “beautiful” people Cleveland has to offer.

The other local team in the area was next up as the guys roasted the Ravens real good after they were canned by the Broncos at the Big Crab Cake. No one was safe from Rich’s venom as again Joe Flacco was the target. Add in the fact that Yack probably won’t be going to the Harbaugh’s for Xmas and you can see why their #’s are awful in Charm City. (But please come out to the Admirals Cup January 26th)

Next was stroking the ‘Skins and Captain Kirk Cousin’s performance in Cleveland. Rich tore his rotators cuffs putting himself on the back for proclaiming that not only did he start Cousins in fantasy, but that the Skins would win by 10-15 points. Even a sun shines on a dog sometimes.

After the break, Redskins kicker/new media darling of the DMV/friend of the show, Kai Forbath joined the guys. Remember last time he was on he was deep frying a turkey at Nick Sundberg’s (Clutch Sports) home just days before the Thanksgiving beat down in Dallas. Kai must of had his 5-hr energy shot because he was much more boisterous than his last appearance.

Tom C Block’s new favorite segment of the show, Winners, was up next. Yack (Sportsyackontap.com) filled everyone in on the updated standings in both the ATS and SU picks. And what do you know, that hack @Jabbyburns (Jabbyburns.com) is leading in both categories. If you want winners, listen to this segment.

Finally, the Watcha Know About, segment returned with stories about Lindsay Lohan being a disaster among other great nuggets from Rich our entertainment guru. This segment always kills and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Remember, although there won’t be live shows on Eyesradio.com the next couple Tuesdays due to the Christmas and New Years Holidays, the boys will have new content up on Itunes and Eyesradio.com to download for your listening pleasure. Thank you for listening and PLEASE spread the word! #Saturday January 26th Admirals Cup Fell Point. 6-7:30 PM


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