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5/12 Upper90 takes it to the next level

5/12 Upper90 takes it to the next level

May 12, 2012

—By Thomas Block Program Director @tomcblock

Early last fall when I was brought on to Eyes Radio, my first task was find shows to build the brand. I met two of the guys from Upper90 at a Nationals game where they told me about their show which was relatively new. Now, I’ve never been a soccer guy at all. As I write this, I still have not been to a DC United game. And in my narrow view of soccer, all I thought of was MLS and DC United. I was invited to the studios to hear them record, and that is when I got to see Bode, Justin, and Austin in action. After that and another episode I was sold mainly because it wasn’t a boring look at soccer. The combination of their youthful energy and ability to bring in more than just soccer is what sold me. They allowed me to be entertained by the show while learning more about soccer not only in the US but also international. For many months they produced very entertaining shows with great guests and audiences.

In early April, they let me know of a fantastic opportunity to take their show to the next level. Robert Bode was recently promoted as the executive produce of Lavar & Dukes on 106.7 The Fan DC and with that type of leverage, was able to get their show on the 106.7The Fan DC website exclusively. This was a major step to take their show from Eyes Radio and place it on a website that gets thousands upon thousands of visitor’s per day in a major market.

With that being said, here is their first full episode on the website 

I’m very proud of Bode, Justin, and Austin for taking their passion of talking about soccer to the next level. I hope to hear them on air waves someday.

Please follow them on twitter @sandmanU90 @thejboymc @rbode17

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