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6/18 Chris and the Commish – The Worst Sports Fathers

6/18 Chris and the Commish – The Worst Sports Fathers

Jun 18, 2012

On this edition of Chris and the Commish, its another guest hosting by Tom Block @tomcblock and MC Hater @thehaternation as the boys are on a hiatus. TCB goes through the reason why and then DROPS a bombshell for the eyesradio network. Caps fans will like what could be happening in July for the network.

TCB and MC Hater discuss the retirement of LaDainian Tomlinson and where he ranks as one of the all time running backs. Do you agree with what we said?

Also, Jeremy “The Commish” Gordon @commish21 joins us to talk about the US Open, that Nationals, and the Orioles. It was a great weekend in sports and you can hear how excited he was.

The second hour kicks off with discussing who the worst fathers in sports are. Some really great names and some you may never have heard of. Did we rank the worst offenders well?

We were also joined by Frank Hanrahan @jfrankhanrahan to talk about the NBA finals, what the Wizards are going to do with Lewis, and possible draft picks.

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