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9/10 Run TMC Sports – We breakin arms and winning games

9/10 Run TMC Sports – We breakin arms and winning games

Sep 10, 2012

After taking a week off (ok really just one episode) the T of TMC returns with MC and Big Phil to give another action packed and exciting sports show for YOU….yes YOU the fans. Here’s the rundown on what happened in the show:

  • If you thought we were going to start off with the Washington Redskins, you were dead wrong. TCB wanted to get to the Nationals continuing to dominate the national league and discuss the Strasburg shut down from last Saturday morning. Joining the program to discuss it, MLB.com Nationals beat reporter Bill Ladson talked about the shutdown, the playoff expectations, and what he thinks of the team and his concerns. Follow him on twitter @washingnats
  • After talking baseball, we switch gears to the Washington Redskins. We discuss the game on a high level before we were joined by Redskins Long Snapper Nick Sundberg. If you didn’t know, Nick broke his arm during the game on Sunday and goes into detail how it happened. Make sure you hear more from Nick Wednesday evening as he co-hosts his radio show Sports Evolution Radio Follow him on twitter @nicksundberg
  • With more Redskins talk, we bring in our expert Rich Tandler from Realredskins.com to break down what happened with the redskins vs saints game. Listen to Rich talk about the injuries, Hankerson, the best of the offense and defense, and more. Follow him on twitter @rich_tandler
  • Shifting gears from the game that just happened to the game upcoming, we brought in St. Louis reporter Ron Clements. Ron goes over the Rams game from Sunday against the Lions and what he expects of this team come Sunday against the Redskins. Follow him @ron_clements
  • We finish the show talking about the other NFL games in our quick lightning round session and then make our predictions for this coming week 2 games.

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