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Eyes Radio at the Collectors Showcase of America pt1

Eyes Radio at the Collectors Showcase of America pt1

Jul 14, 2012

—By Thomas Block @tomcblock

Today MC Hater and I, hosts of the Run TMC sports show, were special media guests at the Collectors Showcase of America event at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA. To be allowed to have media access like this is unprecedented and seeing the living Hall of Fame players of football is equally jaw dropping. We were very humbled to be around so much history to the NFL and what makes the game great today. The audio of all the interviews is at the end of this post but included are:

  • Fred Jackson, current NFL RB for the Buffalo Bills *start of the audio
  • Dave Wilcox, San Francisco HOF class of 2000 *3:27 mark
  • Sonny Jurgenson, Redskins HOF class of ’83 *7:57 mark
  • Donnie Green, Tackle for the Buffalo Bills 71-76 (during OJ Simpson’s record days) *15:01 mark
  • Doug Flutie, Heisman Trophy Winner and a career spanning 3 different leagues *20:02
  • Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland HOF class of ’88 *26:08 mark
  • Elbert “Ickey” Woods, Cincinnati and famous for the Ickey Shuffle end zone dance *34:24 mark
  • Jack Butler, Pittsburgh HOF class of 2012 *39:53 mark
  • Leroy Kelly, Cleveland HOF class of ’94 *45:23
  • Mike Haynes, Oakland HOF class of ’97 *51:06
  • Willie Roaf, Saints HOF class of 2012 *57:29
  • Simon Brown, Boxer 2 time champion*1:03:06

We only got less than half of the available players around so that gives you an idea of how large this event truly is.  Without a doubt, everyone we spoke with was so willing to sit down with us and talk about the game they played for so many years. Their story of years gone by is why outlets like ours are available – to give them a chance to tell their story to people who never saw them. Here are some general topics we talked to the players about and some of their responses:

Player Safety

“They (NFL) are making changes, but the size and the speed of the player has changed. They try to the best they can.” Dave Wilcox

“You can always do more. With the concussions, its such a delicate situation. Medical staffs and trainers are really put on the spot.Years before everyone just passed on it. ”  Fred Biletnikoff

“It should have been done a long time ago. I think what they’re doing now is good for the players but its a little late.” Leroy Kelly

Change of the game

“The speed of the game, the size of the players, and the offenses and the way they do things is quite different.” Dave Wilcox

“They put offense in the game. I was in the dead ball era. You could knock receivers down when the ball was in the air. They’ve made it easier to throw the ball.” Sonny Jurgensen

“Kids now are bigger, faster, stronger” Donnie Green

Sonny on the Redskins

“They (the fans) understand he’s (RG3) is a young quarterback, and he’ll make mistakes. But they are going to make outstanding plays. Its first time they’ve had this excitement  in awhile.”

“First Superbowl they won (greatest team memory). Me personally, having not played against the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl when I had an Achilles injury. Having the chance to play them when they were still champions when I was 40 years old and beat them in the last 5 seconds.”

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